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  1. I may just be a slow learner, but the latest version of Evernote has crippled my productivity it seems. It doesn't feel like an upgrade, it feels like an entirely new program, and I cannot afford the time to re-learn how and where and why EN now functions. If I could take it in smaller chunks, there perhaps, but that seems unavailable. How can I install an older version and NOT have it upgrade/update automatically
  2. I'll take a look and try it. Thanks.
  3. OK, thanks. Now, save as a template...? To be more clear, I know what a template is, but how do I create one and then set it as the "default form" for new notes?
  4. I may well be in the wrong form area, but it seems they've moved everything around in the new version (v10?) OK... How and where do I set and/or change the default fonts for the notes? I'm having to set each note separately as I go now
  5. I was certainly able to easily remove the widget from my android phone home screen. But now, if I want to put it back on the locked home screen Tama how do I do that?
  6. So then, if I am understanding, and, if what I just tried is the "default", then, if I take a web clip, and then sync it, the clip will be saved (copied) to the notebook I have selected or set as my default locally. It also appears that any notebooks I set up locally are copied (along with their contents) to the web server(s) when I sync. So then, what I clip locally is saved to my locally set default...What I clip on the web is saved on the web, and the two are constantly in tandem through syncing. Yes? If so, dunno why I didn't "get it" sooner, but I do now.
  7. I apologize if this has been answered and I am missing it somehow, but... I just installed EN (I tried the latest version, but somehow it always crashed, so I went back...). Then I added EN to IE, Firefox Quantum, and Chrome. When I take a screenshot of a web page, it saves it by default to the web. How can I get it to save by default (for all the browsers) to my local DB? I'm missing something or doing something in the settings, because I cannot find it anywhere.
  8. I'm on a Windows 10 PC using Evernote version don't know where I set it, but anything I clip now goes to the cloud and I have to sync to bring it local. Can't it be set to store locally first and then if need be synced to the cloud? I thought I found it once, but can't now...
  9. I'm not at all certain, but it appears that the info is stored at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote]. Maybe some Evernote Tech will chime in here...???
  10. Is there a way to backup all the settings from the Options menu in case I need to re-install?
  11. Windows 10 / Desktop is where I first noticed it, but it also seems to be the same on my Android phone app.
  12. When I search my notes on my desktop Evernote, it finds what I am looking for fine, but it does not seem to be highlighting the answers. Is there a way to check / change the highlighting color to make it more visible? Regards, Chuck Billow
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