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adding a web clipper to a specific note

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I just started using Evernote and created a  note with several saved URLs. I want to add web clipper pages to that same saved note. When I use the "clip to evernote" icon and save to that Note Title it does not show up on that page but is saved as a separate note.. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Sorry...Im a novice at this.

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There are several options in the Evernote Web Clipper (at least in Windows). One of these is Bookmark. Selecting this will create a new note, but it will consist only of the title of the Web page, a graphic, the URL, and some text from near the beginning (not always predictable which text or how much, but never more than a paragraph). You could try creating one or more of these bookmark notes, and then using the Merge function to combine them with your existing list. In the Note List panel, select the notes in the order in which you want them to appear in the new note, and select Merge. They'll be combined into a new note (with the title of the first selected note), and the original separate notes will be put into the Trash. You can control the separator (if any) between the merged notes in the new note using Tools > Options > Note > Note merge options.

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