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Constant formatting errors on Android

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Guys there are so many formatting errors on Android it's too long to list. 

  • Back space loses formatting and colors
  • Bullet points get stuck can't remove
  • Spaces that can't be removed 
  • Spelling issues that occur with no other software on Android

Is this being addressed? 

It's making the app unusable 

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These are mostly user-to-user forums, though Evernote staff do occasionally look in. So the folks here don't really know what is being addressed, or in what order of priority, as the app is being updated. I personally haven't encountered these, I have to say. What version of the Evernote app are you using, and on what type of device and Android OS version?

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FWIW you might try uninstalling your current version of EN*** and go through the older versions until you find one that has the features you need but without the bugs you mentioned. It seems like every tablet with its specific version of the Android OS has its own quirks.

My tablet of choice for creating EN documents from multiple sources is the Samsung Tab 4 7.0 from 2014 mainly because of its expanded clipboard which holds 20 items. I can zip around the internet copying text and URLs, and then paste en masse into EN for editing.

The expanded clipboard has mixed support in apps. For example in Chrome it works in the URL/Search bar at the very top of the page but not the other one. Evernote supports it up through version 7.7  or but after that they changed the way they access the Android keyboard. So for the Samsung I use EN version 7.5 beta 2 as that particular version has the Quick Note feature on the notification panel.

Good luck!

Steve A.

*** On my unrooted tablets there is no way to downgrade app versions without uninstalling them first which is a hassle with EN because I have ~550MB of documents which take almost an hour to reload. I seem to remember being able to downgrade apps using Titanium Backup on a rooted tablet several years ago.

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A new editor interface has been released, at least in beta, and it still has some of the same problems. It feels like the edit mode was completely designed from the ground up by someone who has never used Android before and didn't use any existing Android APIs for rich text. There are just too many weird quirk and bugs with how the editor works to be explained by anything else. I dropped Premium a while back (and it's not worth paying for again since Evernote does not care about making stable or interoperable software) and non-Premium users can't open tickets anymore, so the only way to give feedback on bugs they won't fix is by posting in this forum they don't read.

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8.1_beta 5 - Android 

Agreed. It's literally becoming impossible to draft notes on the latest version of Android using the beta. 

I've been note taking on Evernote for the last 4 years but when it messes up it's literally next to impossible to continue typing, it's got way worse over time.

what shocks me is every other applications that has an API for using the text input/keyboard on Android has no problem with typing at all it's only limited to Evernote...

I was going to upload a video to show how I can't remove letters or periods.. they are ghost letters that follow the backspace cursor, almost if you recall  the the way like the old ms word 95 issues... But the file is too big. 

how can we troubleshoot these issues & help Evernote identify these major issues if we can't upload videos to demonstrate. 

Formatting has to be the single worst issue with Evernote it's literally next to impossible to maintain any adequate level of continuous formatting without numerous amounts of errors.


by the way before anybody says that this is related to my phone or Android OS version that's absolutely not the case. This issue also exists on the Windows 10 full application (not store app), and these issues exists across multiple Android versions on multiple phones in the last few months

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With Evernote refusing to support their apps properly perhaps we need to approach their investors with our demands for proper support:

>>> Founded by Stepan Pachikov, the Evernote Web service launched into open beta on June 24, 2008[17] and reached 11 million users in July 2011.[18] In October 2010, under former CEO Phil Libin, the company raised a US $20 million funding round led by DoCoMo Capital with participation from Morgenthaler Ventures and Sequoia Capital.[19]Since then, the company raised an additional $50 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital and Morgenthaler Ventures,[20] and another $70 million in funding led by Meritech Capital and CBC Capital.[21] On November 30, 2012, Evernote raised another $85 million in funding led by AGC Equity Partners/m8 Capital and Valiant Capital Partners.[22] On November 9, 2014, Evernote raised an additional $20 million in funding from Nikkei, Inc.[23]<<<

>>> Libin stepped down as CEO in July 2015 and was replaced by formerGoogle Glass executive Chris O'Neill.[11] In October 2015, the Evernote Corp. announced that the company is laying off 18% of its workforce and will be closing 3 out of 10 global offices.[26]<<<


I get the impression that practically all of the incoming revenue that Evernote generates through its fees, etc., is funneled to their investors with very little going to operations and support. To put it bluntly we the users have been scammed with Evernote holding our files in a proprietary format to prevent us from switching to a different note taking platform like Microsoft OneNote.


P.S. I use Evernote mainly to archive web content in text format and use Instapaper as an intermediary step, sharing the webpage first to IP and then from IP to EN. Perhaps adding OneNote or another program/app to the process might reduce or eliminate the bugs noted here in Evernote.

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