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  1. I have been getting this message a lot for perhaps the past 2 months. I have a PLUS account and will want to Duplicate or Share a note I just now saved locally but get that message. I have sync set up for every 15 minutes but I guess that notes are synced when you save them... true? I bring this up because I never had a problem like that before.
  2. Any suggestions for dealing with Note Conflicts? I will mess up and forget to close a document on one tablet and then open it in another thus creating a Note Conflict with a link to view original document. Would that be the document saved on Tablet A or Tablet B? I get confused just thinking about it... Is there a help topic on this or any suggestions from the users here? Thanks! Steve
  3. I tested this out more thoroughly and with all of my Android devices the Evernote app will keep the screen on as long as an EN document is open. As for EN overriding the system brightness settings that has not been the case with my Samsung Tab 4 7.0 tablets.
  4. I have several different tablets besides the Samsung and on all of them the screen stays on as long as there is an open document. I did recheck and on my tablets EN does not override the global brightness setting. OT: In converting news articles into text-only EN documents for my archive I have found that Instapaper works great as an intermediate step : I share the webpage into Instapaper, select all of text and then share into EN.
  5. I love Evernote for Android (it has changed the way I compute- and even the way I live!) but I really wish that there was the option for the screen to time out normally, and for it to follow the system brightness setting (which I usually keep low to preserve battery life.) I use EN 6.0.2 on my Samsung Tab 4 7.0 running KitKat and do not lock my screen so there is no need for me to enter a PIN to restore the display (which turned out to be a real PITA when I lost a tablet a few months ago and had to change ALL of my passwords which are automatically saved and entered by Google. Ouch!)
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