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  1. I have to say the Evernote built in spell check/dictionary is absolutely appalling. The amount of words that it underlines in 1 day, deeming incorrectly spelled is excessive. They're all correctly spelled words and these words will spell check fine on any other correctly working platform - MS, Google etc. This issue exists on Windows and Android, up to present and beta releases.
  2. 8.1_beta 5 - Android Agreed. It's literally becoming impossible to draft notes on the latest version of Android using the beta. I've been note taking on Evernote for the last 4 years but when it messes up it's literally next to impossible to continue typing, it's got way worse over time. what shocks me is every other applications that has an API for using the text input/keyboard on Android has no problem with typing at all it's only limited to Evernote... I was going to upload a video to show how I can't remove letters or periods.. they are ghost letters that follow the backspace cursor, almost if you recall the the way like the old ms word 95 issues... But the file is too big. how can we troubleshoot these issues & help Evernote identify these major issues if we can't upload videos to demonstrate. Formatting has to be the single worst issue with Evernote it's literally next to impossible to maintain any adequate level of continuous formatting without numerous amounts of errors. by the way before anybody says that this is related to my phone or Android OS version that's absolutely not the case. This issue also exists on the Windows 10 full application (not store app), and these issues exists across multiple Android versions on multiple phones in the last few months
  3. Guys there are so many formatting errors on Android it's too long to list. Back space loses formatting and colors Bullet points get stuck can't remove Spaces that can't be removed Spelling issues that occur with no other software on Android Is this being addressed? It's making the app unusable
  4. Hello everybody, There seems to be in a illogical issue I'm experiencing on Evernote where any shared notes to a third-party remain to be in their shared directory and cannot be reassigned to other notebooks in their Evernote stacks. Is there not a way to assign the shared notebooks to a stack/local directory of the user's choice? Imagine having 20 notes of all different categories being shared and then locked to one category called shared, that's highly disorganized. Help would be much appreciated
  5. Indeed seems to have fixed it. Should have tried this first. I think the bug was temporrary and created by linking business account to my personal gmail account. All seems to be working fine after a complete restart. Thanks
  6. Hi all, There seems to be a bug on the windows 10 Evernote app. The notes context/body will not appear in the "note panel" to the right of the note, unless the note is double clicked and opened in an entirely new window. This requires more unnecessary clicking in order to make a minor change to a note. Further, this issue didn't exist before, it has only started occurring as of recently, so it's likely due to a recent update. Help is much appreciated, thank you.
  7. Strange spell check issues seem to be present on windows and android versions of Evernote. Even recently the word "gauge" wasn't being recognized as correct spelling. Formatting issues also seems to still plague the app, trying to make the text all match and remove or add formatting is still an issue, this needs to be improved please.
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