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Passcode for Mac app



I have searched but have not encountered any discussion on this topic. When I use the Evernote app on my mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) I have to enter a passcode or have facial or touch ID enabled. But when I open the app on my Mac, there is no passcode, no security. I'm not sure I know why it would be so fully accessible when my computer is unlocked (not that I leave it unattended for long). Am I the only one who would like a passcode on all versions of the Evernote app?

Thanks. My first note. :)

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@njgould On Mac this sort of login would not be very meaningful from a security perspective, because it has an index locally on the disk that could be used to reconstruct the contents of notes. This is necessary to allow for local search (when you have no internet connection).

If you prefer the other behavior, I'd recommend trying out the new web client, which has most of the features of the Mac client aside from that local storage/search, and would require you to authenticate regularly.

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1 hour ago, njgould said:

 But when I open the app on my Mac, there is no passcode, no security.

  No security?  There's no passcode option, but I do have to enter a userid and password to access my  data.

I'd also recommend implementing your device security options; system password, timeout and disk encryption (FileVault)

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