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evernote MAC: shareable link for a image inside a note

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Unfortunately, when you share the note, you share the entire note with others in it.

Recommendation, copy the image to a separate note with only that note in it, and share that note.

Is there a specific reason for sharing only one image? If we know, maybe we can offer different options as well.

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Thank you. I have some notes more like a technical tutorial where one note consists of dozens of screen capture and my notes around it.  Sometimes my customers asked specific question which can be answered by one of image(I usually put some annotations inside one image). I would like to point the image to this customer instead of the whole note so he doesn't get confused by other images and notes.

One possible work-around is that if I move mouse over the image and right click, there is a "share" link and one of the share option is evernote. It will create a seperate note with that image inside it but somehow image extension is "tiff" instead of "png". My chrome browser seems can't view "tiff" file by default. I think if the new note created with png file inside, that may solve my problem.

Not sure if this is something controlled by evernote or MAC OS.

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Hmmn.  If you're using the desktop app you should be able to copy the image into a new note,  or (if it's easier) duplicate the whole note and delete the bits you don't need. 

Alternatively create a public link for the detailed note and view it in a browser.  Right click the image you need and copy it's location from the browser.  That URL will take you directly to the image.  It's a long a complicated location though...  and the image will stop being available if you unshare the note.


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