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FEATURE REQUEST :: Saved Clipping Identities



Currently, there is a feature to 'save searches' which allows you to find notes quickly and easily when you know what you're looking for. 

I find that this same type of feature would be useful when applied to web clippings. When I’m going through articles on Chrome, I clip a lot of articles that I want to further research or read later. Problem is I have to file, tag, and note each one individually. What if I could save certain 'Clip Identities' so that my internet clippings could be pulled and filed much more efficiently? 

For example, I could clip an article using a saved "Read Later" identity and it would automatically be filed in X notebook with A, B, and C tags. I could then go on to save many more articles with the same settings. The way clippings are now, I have to file and add tags every time I clip an article. 

When you run through 20-30 articles every morning, this can be a major obstacle to efficiency. 

Maybe this feature already exists and I don't know about it?

Anyone else who would find this helpful?

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Under Chrome for Mac, you can set the Web Clipper to save every clipping to a specific notebook (I use Inbox). On each clipping you can specify the tags to apply (I use To.Read for the sort of clipping you mention). It works well, although there are times the clipper can't find all the notebooks, should I want to specify something other than Inbox.

You can also create a saved search to call up everything you saved "yesterday" and use it the next morning to review the day's work.

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It's also possible to use 'smart filing' and 'always tag clips with...' to bounce clips in a specific direction,  or apply a specific tag automatically for a period.  Smart filing is (AFAIK) a learning thing,  so you need to verify and change a few dumb suggestions,  but after a while it can be quite good - mine will choose both notebooks and tags based on the content -or maybe the source- of the clip.  See Options... (but I use Firefox.)

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