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  1. Currently, there is a feature to 'save searches' which allows you to find notes quickly and easily when you know what you're looking for. I find that this same type of feature would be useful when applied to web clippings. When I’m going through articles on Chrome, I clip a lot of articles that I want to further research or read later. Problem is I have to file, tag, and note each one individually. What if I could save certain 'Clip Identities' so that my internet clippings could be pulled and filed much more efficiently? For example, I could clip an article using a saved "Read Later" identity and it would automatically be filed in X notebook with A, B, and C tags. I could then go on to save many more articles with the same settings. The way clippings are now, I have to file and add tags every time I clip an article. When you run through 20-30 articles every morning, this can be a major obstacle to efficiency. Maybe this feature already exists and I don't know about it? Anyone else who would find this helpful?
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