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Search is intermittently wrong

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The search feature appears to be fairly flakey, often not including notes that definitely have the tags that are in the search.  Immediately verifiable by visiting the note directly straight after the search.

Steps to reproduce are a waste if time as it is not specific just occasionally but undoubtedly happens.

Especially occurs after a recent note created, maybe search results are not being refreshed.

Is this a known problem?  Is there a workaround / recommended method of use to mitigate?  Should we just never trust the search feature and so essentially not use it?


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Android N

What more specifically is needed than I create notes with a tags and then searching on a book and tag some note or notes with the tag do not appear in the results.  This is most common though not exclusively found after adding a new note and persists for a long time.  Often need to begnine re-edit the manually found offending note to resolve.


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3 hours ago, jefito said:

I'd guess that you may need to sync before search can work properly, though I don't know that for sure...

Also guessing here,  but it makes sense - all a mobile device has is a search index downloaded from the server.  Adding a new note requires integration into the index that's probably too resource-hungry for the (relatively) limited power of the mobile device - which in any event would have to sync not only the note,  but a fully amended index,  so more bandwidth required...  If the server does the indexing work and refreshes the mobile index as part of the sync it will get done much faster.  But it would mean that new / newly edited notes aren't fully searchable until synced.  Of course you can always see these via the app by created or updated dates...

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