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  1. Android N What more specifically is needed than I create notes with a tags and then searching on a book and tag some note or notes with the tag do not appear in the results. This is most common though not exclusively found after adding a new note and persists for a long time. Often need to begnine re-edit the manually found offending note to resolve.
  2. The search feature appears to be fairly flakey, often not including notes that definitely have the tags that are in the search. Immediately verifiable by visiting the note directly straight after the search. Steps to reproduce are a waste if time as it is not specific just occasionally but undoubtedly happens. Especially occurs after a recent note created, maybe search results are not being refreshed. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround / recommended method of use to mitigate? Should we just never trust the search feature and so essentially not use it?
  3. Yes that helps a lot. Adding categories would help with finding things. Thank you. I do like an idea I read about where you move tasks into a weekly focus then from their into "today" focus, which I guess is like your "now". I'm a bit concerned that "soon" suggests some kind of dead line, which technically there is not. There's a sense in which none of them HAVE to be done (as in by a time or become irrelevant) but there is a consequence not doing them. Also if in the end I only have "soon" and "sometime" (maybe never) I'm concerned I'll put nearly everything into soon and end
  4. This may be the wrong evernote forum or the wrong forum altogether. May be more a GTD question. Apologies if so. It's suggested you don't prioritise tasks and don't set due dates on tasks unless there is an outside force that absolutely imposes a fixed deadline. Fixed times (eg meetings) go in a calendar. Some suggest you review all these tasks each week and move a few into focus for this week then have a daily review where you decide which to focus on today. Now I seem to accumulate a growing list of 100s of tasks all different and unconnected all of which have varying importa
  5. OK thanks. Anyone know of a check list app (android) that stores user files rather than internal app specific data, then I could stay kind of integrated by using an attachment? I saw a post that said maybe my idea was overkill and in some ways maybe though small things sometimes develop. Also I often see people write things 'like' "the reason evernote is not working for you is because you are not using it for absolutely everything"! Thanks for all the posts. I appreciate it.
  6. This link http://www.paperbullet.in no longer exists, how do I install add-ons I don't see anything in the app
  7. Thanks for posting. I appreciate it. What do you mean by an add-on program? An an attachment? Or a new installation?
  8. I used to use google tasks. When making a shopping list I could easily add multiple tasks, then if I went shopping I could check off what I'd bought and those would drop to the bottom and I'd be left with a neat list of what was left. I've started using end note and as suggested by many people, to make it work for you, I'm trying to use it for everything. In evernote adding multiple notes is a real faff and takes multiple key presses, add, type of note, select title field (title field is not the default location) , tick, arrow back, etc. On the other hand using the check
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