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When I got my phone I thought that trying out Evernote would be a good idea. Anyway, a week on..... I now keep getting an error message pop up, a lot!! 

Data base Read/Write error - Evernote is not able to open the database file.

Ive no idea on how to sort this - please dont suggest factory default sad.png

Thank you smile.png
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What operating system or phone type? iPhone or Android, basically? For Android, I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling, and maybe restarting the phone in between. I assume iPhone might work similarly, but I have no experience or knowledge there. As I understand it, Evernote doesn't download all your note content to a mobile device, only an index; content is downloaded as requested (by opening a note). So if the database on your phone is corrupted, it would only be the index. The error could also conceivably result from a temporary connectivity problem also, which would presumably clear up in a short time.

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