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Audio note play back speed controls?



I really enjoy Evernote and it is my note/thinking tool of choice.

However, I regularly take audio note recordings at meetings to complement my typed/written notes. Audio notes help ensure overall note accuracy and can help validate questions or concerns when others question what was said in any given meeting.

I would absolutely love to see options for controlling the speed of playback on audio notes. This would allow users to gain back many minutes when relying on audio notes for transcribing.

Nothing crazy, either a global setting in Evernote to select a preferred playback speed or, even better, a control in the playback UI to allow selection on individual notes (since cross talk and background noise can be problematic at times - playback speed on a note by note basis would be better).

20180405 Evernote Speed Example.png

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Great suggestion! 

Can I add a request : a keyboard shortcut to pause/rewind/fast forward audio in Evernote, so you don't have to leave the text window to control playback. 

My work around is hovering the mouse or mousepad above the play button and hitting stop once in a while while typing. It's not very accurate though.    

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Yes, please. I sometimes want to review long conversations and having the ability to listen at between 1.x and 2.x would be super helpful.


My current workaround is to open the webm file in Audacity and use the playback speed there. Unfortunately that makes the participants sound like the Alvin, Simon and Theodore, the Chipmunks.


Integrating variable speed playback would be quite helpful.

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