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  1. Yes. I realized I wanted to make the equivalent of a "smart notebook" that showed the notes that had a combination of tags... like "Client A" and "Project 1". I suppose I could do that with a saved search, but I like what Apple has done with its Smart Albums for photos, or Smart Playlist for iTunes. Seems like it wouldn't be incredibly difficult to built (says a guy who doesn't know all the intricacies of EN )
  2. I found an email that indicates somebody requested access to an Evernote folder of mine. The folder is currently private. It's not clear to me how someone even knows I have that folder. So, it's a two part question: 1. Do I have a security concern, or does Evernote allow people to ask for a folder to be shared with them? 2. If Evernote does allow someone to ask, how do I turn off visibility to my folder names?
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