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  1. Adding keyboard shortcuts for playback control would also be great!
  2. I really enjoy Evernote and it is my note/thinking tool of choice. However, I regularly take audio note recordings at meetings to complement my typed/written notes. Audio notes help ensure overall note accuracy and can help validate questions or concerns when others question what was said in any given meeting. I would absolutely love to see options for controlling the speed of playback on audio notes. This would allow users to gain back many minutes when relying on audio notes for transcribing. Nothing crazy, either a global setting in Evernote to select a preferred playback speed or, even better, a control in the playback UI to allow selection on individual notes (since cross talk and background noise can be problematic at times - playback speed on a note by note basis would be better).
  3. Could not agree more. After completing the iOS 7 & subsequent EN updates and not readily being able to locate the audio notes feature, I actually emailed EN support seeking help. Fortunately, I found this thread and learned the revised way to add audio notes. I rely heavily on the audio notes feature and being able to easily access on main screen was a far superior feature of the previous version. The new routine to access and setup an audio recording is cumbersome and adds time where I don't need it - getting everything going in the initial moments of a meeting. Usage statistics by EN may say that the feature doesn't get much use which could have prompted the change, regardless I think it was a poorly executed one. Hopefully the audio notes button will return to the main screen in the next release or two, assuming the EN team looks at posts in these forums...
  4. I find myself recording a lot of audio notes and they are consuming a substantial amount of memory on my iPad & iPhone. I would love to sync & retain the audio notes on my computers that have ample hard drive space, but not my portable devices. However, in the current version of the Evernote client, I don't readily see a easy way to manage audio notes - so I wanted to suggest adding a method to Evernote to enable this feature. I envision this as: Desktop client confirms the audio note sync completed and the respective file is available for management User can then mark the audio file in the note for "archiving" on their mobile devices (where the type or other objects in note remain available) During the next synchronization, the portable device would update the note to have just a link to associated audio file User could then click on the link on their portable device to retrieve the synchronized note or use the desktop client to bring the audio file back to the portable device So, that begs the question: would it be possible to add a feature to the Evernote desktop software that allows one to not sync selected audio notes to a portable device?
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