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Lost outline formatting

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Over the past month I have had several notes lose all outline formatting and all the bullet points are lined up on the left side of the page. This is extremely frustrating as I had long multi-level outlines that have now lost their formatting and are reading as a single level list of bullets. I have had this happen to 3 sets of notes. It seems to be happening primarily when using the webclient on a google chrome browser, but I can't say for sure as I also use the mac client regularly. 

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Today I loaded an app called Webroot to manage my laptop and add virus protection. Following a successful install, I then logged into Evernote, which I use several times per day, and found that all of my formatting was gone. I lost the indented hierarchy of my folders. Subfolders are now at the same level as their former parents. Everything is now listed linearly on the left margin. The screen looks completely different, too. There are no longer 3 larger panes. The pinned folders at the top are gone.

How do I go back to a previous state that works?   

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i have exactly the same problem!

i edit notes in evernote web client using firefox on Ubuntu Linux 18.

the outlining gets broken non-stop!

can Evernote fix this?

or can we have proper client on Linux please?


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3 hours ago, Mind at Large MD said:

Any fix for this annoying problem yet?  It's still been a problem for me for over a year.

Does this affect all three of the available Web clients (Beta, Classic, and "Previous" [accessed by clicking on your initial to access account info])?

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