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Remarks field in web clipper for Android



Trying to add a comment at the top of a web clipping is a mess, the formatting is almost never clean, nor does the remove formatting thing work very well. 

It'd be extremely helpful to include the remarks field that was/will soon again be in the Chrome Web Clipper to Web Clipper for Android. Being able to annotate/comment on a clipping in real time while the thought is fresh is very helpful and increases the usefulness of the clipping specifically, and Evernote in general. 

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Yes, I'd agree with that. The Android clipping interface is very bare-bones. It does allow specifying a notebook and tags, but a comment field (such as is also available in the Windows browser clipping plug-in) would be really useful. I've voted the idea up!

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I would LOVE this feature, especially since the Web Clipper on Android does not note the URL of the page it's clipping from when only clipping a passage from a longer page. It would be great to be able to Copy the passage, clip the page to Evernote, and then copy the clipped passage into that note. (Of course, it would be even easier if the clipped note recorded the source URL, like it does in Windows browsers. Also I often annotate my clipped notes with comments in the Chrome version, so it would be very helpful to be able to do this on mobile, too.

Evernote Add remark to Android web clipper feature request.jpg

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Late to this particular party but I really wish the "remarks" annotation was a column in the notebook format.  While I make extensive use of tags to help me organize my research, I agree that jotting a few notes down as to why I am clipping this is really helpful.  But since that remark becomes embedded in the document, I may never see it again!  I love evernote and use it more than any other research aid.  Thanks so much.


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