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How to control the order of the images being inserted?

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Recently, I would like to insert multiple images into a note, but I can't control the order of the image inserted. 
Say I have three images, A, B, C.
I would like to insert the image from the top of the note as B, A, C. 
But I can't find a way of doing it using my android cellphone, Evernote always inserts the image as A, B, C, no matter what sequence I selected the image to insert.
I have to either insert the images one by one or edit the post on the computer.
It's inconvenient, hope you can add this feature in the future.

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I find that if I carefully set the cursor position in a note, an image will be attached at just that point. I often enter line breaks between pictures to be sure I can place them where I want them. This, of course, applies to attaching one image at a time. If I select multiple images to be inserted, then I can't control the sequence either.

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