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  1. When inserting a checkbox on Evernote android app, there's a space after the checkbox. But when inserting on Evernote Windows, there's no such space. Annoying when trying to align all of them, hope this small problem can be fixed. See the attachment for the demonstration.
  2. Recently, I would like to insert multiple images into a note, but I can't control the order of the image inserted. Say I have three images, A, B, C. I would like to insert the image from the top of the note as B, A, C. But I can't find a way of doing it using my android cellphone, Evernote always inserts the image as A, B, C, no matter what sequence I selected the image to insert. I have to either insert the images one by one or edit the post on the computer. It's inconvenient, hope you can add this feature in the future.
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