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EN Mac AppleScript to Create Internet Location File (inetloc) for EN Note

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EN Mac AppleScript to Create Internet Location File (inetloc) for EN Note

I have just uploaded my AppleScript to:
Create Internet Location File from EN Note -- GitHub Gist 

An Internet Location File is the type of file you get when you drag/drop the URL from your Browser's Address bar onto a Mac Finder folder.
A simple double-click on that file opens the web page in your Browser.

In this case, a simple double-click opens your EN Note in an Evernote Mac Note window.

Please feel free to post below any questions, issues, and/or suggestions that you have about this.

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No scripting will work with v10 - currently.

I think the reason is the framework into which the app is embedded. It handles all traffic with the OS, and scripting is not among it. Apple script will not work, and Apple Shortcuts have stopped as well.

If this will change one day: No idea. When I made a web search, no app based on the Electron framework advertised scripting as a feature.

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