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Lock/block notes

Guest Ivano


Guest Ivano



i’m wondering Why there’s not a way to lock/block a note in order to prevent it is modified accidentally (event that’s actually quite easy)

Such option could be used when a note is “closed” permanently and there’s non need to be modified further....

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Back in 2012, Paul Thurrott's lengthy article of Evernote had the same concern.

"Evernote is not perfect... It doesn't support note locking of any kind, which is a curious omission: Once I'm done with an article, I'd like to know that a future errant keystroke isn't going to wipe it out or edit it in some fashion."


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My vote would go for a view/edit mode with view as the default.  I've heard rumors this is in place on the Android platform.

One method I've used to lock/block a note is to convert content to pdf format, however it's not reversible.
Another method is updating the content class field in the database, but it's a complex procedure.

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