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definetly could do without it. one step ahead - ten steps back.

seems like the new evernote mac version dont suggest tags anymore, while you type them. resulting in the problem of other, older immature versions, that a slight typo creates additional tags...

hardcore users interested in expanding evernote with 3rd, 4th and 5th party solutions will know about them without the trunk, while casual users dont care. but those basic function setbacks should be annoying to anyone. anything else elementary missing???

also - just small thing - but still: how off can a design for a button be. en trunk button won. seriously. everything looks neat an plain in the mac version. clean and modern. then a off color brown wood button ;):) ? ? ?

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drknoerz -

Evernote still suggests tags for me. I'm not sure why it has stopped for you, but the feature definitely wasn't removed.

Hardcore vs Basic - I think this is a ridulous point. Hardcore users already know about all of it? Great! They can take it out of their toolbar and/or ignore it. But Evernote wants to spread word about all of those great apps and partners to the basic users. Those are the people who don't know about them, and those are the people who may find a new use for Evernote through them. To say that they shouldn't be introducing basic users to cool/advanced features is silly.

Button design - I think they wanted to call some attention to the new feature. Perhaps in the future it will change (I'm really not sure), but it definitely sticks out. And if it bothers you so much, why not remove it from the toolbar?

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