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  1. Hi, I love how ios handles the pictures attached to a note. you just click on one picture in the note - then you can browse trough all the pictures that are in that note. if something like that would be possible on the en desktop versions, i'd most likely would load all my photos to en, too. Of course some basic functionality - such as diashow etc - would be to wish for - but its the idea of having everything in one place is the most important to me. related to pictures i have some further questions, people that come across the topic might know or have an idea of: 1) is it possible to download all pictures from one note to a folder on the desktop? 2) will there be simple picture editing tools (turning, rezise etc...) integrated to en soon? skitch is great - but the opening in other app should not be necesssary for these most basic issues. apart from that: love en for long before it was a webservice (i liked the old icon more by the way ) - and am delighted that it keeps getting even better.
  2. i also wonder about that. why can't i chose evernote from the sharing options in skitch? that would be real integration - and i don't care for haveing my stuff split between en and skitch. thats kind of the point of en - to have all in one place, right?
  3. Annoying indeed. Also wrote to support chat, but en guys didnt get it it seems. My workarround: crop in the iphone native app. The hold the cropped picture and press "copy" - change to en and add it manually ( as in not useing the "+" button in en app which results in adding the uncropped picture....
  4. still have this problem. same also with pictures that have been turned in the ios device. they remain unturned in the note.
  5. definetly could do without it. one step ahead - ten steps back. seems like the new evernote mac version dont suggest tags anymore, while you type them. resulting in the problem of other, older immature versions, that a slight typo creates additional tags... hardcore users interested in expanding evernote with 3rd, 4th and 5th party solutions will know about them without the trunk, while casual users dont care. but those basic function setbacks should be annoying to anyone. anything else elementary missing??? also - just small thing - but still: how off can a design for a button be. en trunk button won. seriously. everything looks neat an plain in the mac version. clean and modern. then a off color brown wood button ? ? ?
  6. Since the 2 Months that i have a mac now, it redownloaded the entire database again. just after the restart the evernote greeted me as if i never started it before, and i had to download everything again. no idea why. to find it out, i would like to know where the database is located on the mac...
  7. seems to be happening a lot... and fairly inconvenient, to download all the stuff for the iphone again...
  8. you've got to be kidding. how about this: how about passwordlocking a notebook - so it is excluded from search when locked? no, of course - 2 accounts ist the most logic way to go. hilarious.
  9. i think burgernfries is on the payroll of evernote (or the alias of one of the creators, where he can defend the system by all means without oficially being a dick to the users) again: best solution is to have both. make it able to switch on and off. both parties are happy. tags are great - but not put you into the position to get a overview over topics with a huge amounts with notes. they absolutely fail that task. and this is a task a lot of people need within their notebook.
  10. As beautiful as this feature is in theory, i want to disable it. is there a posibility to do so? 1. Pictures I store a lot of photos in evernote. no matter what text i am searching for - i always get presented a lot of pictures, where some aera without any writing inside is highlighted - as if the text would have been found there. 2. PDF's even worse for pdf's - how to disable them from beeing indexed. i have a lot of ebooks in my account. not only is the amount of ebooks shown - no matter what i am searching for - always very high - scrolling trough them seems to be rough on the evernote engine - and does not really go smooth (both pc 3.1 & 3.5 - as well on mac). Is there a way to genereally say evernote should attach my evernote files as attachments - and not make them readable in the account? Is there a way to turn all the pdf's i already have included into attachments - rather than displaying them as readable pdf's?
  11. at BurgersNFries thanks for the practical tip with the photos. actually renaming them as a batch externally sure is a good and easy option. for the argument itself: well, if its not done in order to force everyone to only use the - sure extremly good - tag system, i'd really think its a bad decision. especially as you could have both in paralell and so many people want it. if its not done because of some technical issues - ok then. hard to belive though - if we just look back at the changes they implemented - i think in comparison that should not be this big of an issue (again: by feeling - i cant find a real statement of the staff about that). i would like to see a feature vote like the dropbox team implemented recently - this sure is a heavily requested thing. if it comes or not - i think i'll stay with evernote (my short trip to one note was a mistake, as i realized after the content became more and more).
  12. BurgersNFries: well - if you read this forum as much as your post count implies you should have recognized that this is far away from a uncommon request. and i dont disagree on the issue, that tags might be superior over hirachical structure for searching - but as i said - for browsing trough your notes by topic (what is something I definetly needto use it for) - it is quite bad. the idea of using less tags is a proper one - thanks for the tip. if it is difficult to realize - i cant real comment on - would appreciate a qualified answer. but with my fairly little programming skills i have to say - cant imagine its a too big thing. Edit: so now i was just uploading photos from my last trip. if i want to label them without using tags, i have to write it one by one to make have them searchable and only show the trip's photos upon request - or am i missing something? if i could have subnotebook exclusive tags - i would simply create one tag for that trip - copy to all and would be finished. and all of that without having this tag showing up (next to all the other trips tags) when i am looking for tags at work... headlining does not do the trick for me...
  13. perfect would be extra amount - which you can pay - and which is only used once you exeed your 500mb.
  14. i often read about how you can do the same things with the current tags ussage. but i never hear a good argument for not giving the many many people the opportunity to use subnotebooks (bookshelves) or "tags per notebook". my taglist after using evernote for a few days again now - is already too long to have any navigational use - sure by the search they work great - but how about browsing through a topic when you are not sure what you are looking for? it just sucks here. en team could easily give everybody the way to sort their thought in a way that is helpful to everyone: 1. Give the option for subnotes / bookshelf solutions. if someone thinks its useless - contraproductive - well - dont create them and do it just like now. 2. give the option to switch tags to be displayed "global" - or "notebook exclusive" - again - if one dosnt like it - he just ignores the "notebook exclusive" feature and it stays just as it is. for me, finally there would be a way to organize my stuff in a - to me - natural way by topics. this would make en useful to me when i want to work on a topic - not only when i look for a single information, like it is at the moment. Many people want those things - and it could be done without changing what is there already - why cant we have it?
  15. +1 was just searching for this function - surprised its not there yet. quite essential, one would think! happy new year everybody! keep the good stuff coming evernote team!
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