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I lost all my images from a note!




Today I opened my Evernote, and noticed out that all my images from a note have disappeared.  There is just nothing, blank space, instead of the images. How to fix this up? I tried to contact support via thicket but i didn't manage to do that, I think it's only for premium members.

I need help, lost a lot of stuff =/

The activity log is attached.




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Have you resolved your issues since this was posted on March 12th?

Have you tried looking at the note on the web app? Are they gone there too?

You can try the SAVE ATTACHMENTS option under the File menu in the windows app. I was able to save an image that I lost like that once. Hope it helps.

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20 hours ago, TonyLim said:

I have a similar problem.  I cannot view it in my Evernote Windows.  But I can see the images on my web app, iOS and Android. 

Fixed in the current Beta for Windows.

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14 hours ago, tburns said:

I am still having this issue.

If you can't see the images in a note try right clicking in the note and selecting Save Attachments....  If this works you can then add them back to the note.  

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