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Default Zoom for Font Size



The zoom feature in Evernote is awesome!  However, I find I'm constantly zooming.  Would love to have a default zoom, or some way to make the font size consistent.  One idea is to let the user decide how large they want the font to appear on their particular device.  Then evernote measures a character or word in the note and zooms in to match the user preference.  Or even just set a default zoom so that all notes are automatically zoomed in x2 or whatever the user has set.

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The ability to set a default zoom is a good start and very necessary. In my writing I have to hop back and forth between notes regularly and having to rezoom each one each time is a royal PITA. That's the tip of the iceberg though. Those of us with less than perfect vision need affordances to increase the size of the toolbar & icons. Yes, I know I could invest in a new monitor with a greater selection of resolutions, but I'd rather not have to. And could you please quit with the gray on white.

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1. PLEASE PROVIDE AT LEAST ONE SOLUTION TO WHAT IS ACTUALLY REQUESTED -- rather than only replies, presenting-no-solution. Better yet, separate actual-solution answers from comments (not providing any solution) in a

Best-Answer-provided-first section, followed by a

Comments (with no solutions) section.    

2. You could also enhance effectiveness of these discussions by first indicating at the top of a page whether a question to a problem or issue is SOLVED or NOT-YET-SOLVED

Providing at least one of the above solutions would reduce by at least half the amount of time you're requiring your customers to read matter that provides no solution. 

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5 hours ago, Evernoterist said:


Um, sure. But first, please make this request in a separate location than in someone else's specific request, 'cause it seems like you're breaking your own suggestion, y'know?

I'd suggest here, for starters: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/53-evernote-general-discussions/

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