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  1. CAN WE ESCALATE THIS PLEASE??? hello? evernote? hello?😠 🤬 what does it take to get a tech's attention?
  2. it's infuriating that evernote doesn't even acknowledge this issue. And I stupidly got a paid subscription. I won't renew it. 😡
  3. yes please! does evernote EVER respond to user requests?
  4. I have similar problem. I use Evernote for recipes. So I have a recipe on Evernote open in front of me in the ktchen. I turn away to get the tin of flour or whatever. I come back and evernote has closed my note. It has even cleared the search terms that I used to find the note! so to get back to my recipe I have to search for the note all over again!!! 😤MAJOR PITA. Isn't there a setting where I can set a default awake time so that this doesn't happen? ridiculous!
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