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Evernote for iOS 8.7/8.7.1 Released



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Hi folks, Evernote for iOS 8.7.1 is now available to download in the App Store. Download link here


8.7.1 Release Notes: 

This version fixes a couple crashing issues, as well as an issue in where sync would appear to fully complete, but didn't. 


8.7 Release Notes: 

- Fixes an issue where PDF thumbnails would appear blurry in the note list

- Fixes an issue where some business card contacts would not save to the 'Contacts' app

- Fixes a couple of our top sync errors

- Fixes an issue where dragging an image from web to Evernote would generate a link instead of the image file


Thanks! All feedback is welcome!

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On 12/22/2017 at 6:20 AM, rbianchi said:

In the list of notes, many images thumbnails are not shown. It is just a gray square

Seems to be working for me.  Is it just a lag thing, do they eventually appear?  Did you have web access at the time?

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2 hours ago, rbianchi said:

Hi CalS, sorry for the delay to reply,

No, it is not a lag. After many days after the update, the problem continue and yes, I have web access.


Hmmm.  If I randomly scroll quickly through the note list and stop, there will be a second or so pause and then the images display.  So just not seeing the behavior.  Only thought I would have at this point would be to delete and reinstall the app on your phone.

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