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recover a revoked device

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OK here is my problem. I have a basic account and I used to have 2 devices registered in my account. I was using them without any issue simultaneously.  Recently I had to  change  my laptop so  I wanted to remove my old laptop as a device and add the new one. But I did the wrong thing and revoked the address of my new laptop. As a consequence I can start the evernote app in my new laptop but not able to do anything with it. All menu items are grey and I don't see any notebook nor a note :(.  Is there a way to recover a revoked address? Because simply login to add a device does not work in this case. 

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Sure it is. I assume you are on the Free plan.

You need to be down to only 1 device, before you can sync another.

If the client is still installed, open it on your mac, and log in. This should create a new entry in the devices view.

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