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Append to note



Append to note

This is by far the biggest issue I have using Evernote. Don’t get me wrong, links is a great way to create a table of notes but not for every type of content you might want to add to a note. :)

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@DTLow may I ask how you do that?

on iOS they only way I found is through Siri, but is not really convenient and not always handy.

i would like to be able to add clippings (I saw you already upvoted this request) or any other type like Apple Notes or Bear does for example.

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9 minutes ago, DTLow said:

I use a Mac and iPad.  I access the note, and start typing at the bottom of the note

>>i would like to be able to add clippings

Are you requesting a change to the IOS web clipper feature?

Ok let me refrase that.

i would like to be able to append to a note on iOS through the share sheet (pages, links, photos, anything that can be shared).

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11 minutes ago, MichaelSMT said:

This is a feature that has me really considering switching to Bear for. It’s simple. It’s important. 

If it's simple, then you should be able to describe how you want it to work. For example, the answers to questions like the following:

What Evernote client are you using? (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, web?)

What mechanism do you want to use to initiate appending to an Evernote note?

How is the note you want identified when you want to do the append?

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