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Updating issue from Evernote 3.5

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I constantly received the invitation to update from 3.5 to 4.0

The software advised that I had to uninstall 3.5 first.

On attempting to do so with both the Evernote uninstall & Windows uninstall, I received a 2738 error code.

I downloaded the Microsoft Fixit for Uninstall and install problems, and it said it had "Fixed it"

The uninstall proceeded without the error message, and advised it needed to restart the computer to remove 3.5

The computer was re-started and another message appeared stating that for Evernote 4 to install, it needed to re-start the computer

This was done, then the original meesage about removing 3.5 that it needed to restart the computer came up again, and the the Evernote 4 message about restarting the computer.

It appears to be going in circles

Interestingly, the program appears to have been removed from the Windows Control Panel "Programs, Uninstall a program", but not the menu!

If you try to uninstall from the Evernote menu item, you receive the message "This action is only valid for programs installed"

Evernote 3.5 functions as normal

Anyone any ideas







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Hi.  Is this a Windows desktop?  The current version is 6.7,  so I'm surprised you're still getting invitations to update to 4.  You may have to 'reinstall' 3.5 (despite the fact it's still there and working),  so that you have a complete installation from which you can then uninstall. 

You could try Revo Uninstaller instead of using the Windows control panel method directly - http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html

Revo uninstalls all the files that go with a Windows install,  unlike Control Panel which leaves some files in place after uninstalling that help if you want tyo reinstall the same application.  In this case you don't want to do that - a complete clean-out is better.

Do find and backup your database before taking any action - and beware that if this is still an ENB file,  it's no longer compatible with 6.x Evernote which uses EXB and ENEX files.

If you're looking for install files for older versions of Evernote for Windows,  these links might help...


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Hmmn.  Don't know of any special Sony deals on Evernote - if you have a standard Windows setup,  any version should work.  What Windows do you have?  XP? 8? 10?

When you get 3.5 working again,  I'd suggest you export all your notes to ENEX files (one per notebook) before updating EN - the newer versions will NOT convert your old database.  You'd do better to export your notes,  completely uninstall Evernote and all its data,  then install a current version and import your notes again.  See the links above for more information on that.

How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks

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Hi Gazumpted

I am currently running Windows 7

Just to let you know how I got on

Attempt to reinstall 3.5 failed. Installer started, but on pressing "NEXT", immediately reported an error and stopped

However the REVO Uninstaller worked a treat.....really impressed with it

Totally removed the program. I am now running smoothly

Many thanks for your help

Could you please advise

1.      Are there different versions on Evernote for laptops and desktops?

2.     How do you delete all the "Cloud" backup for "privacy reasons"

i.e.   Love the software but do not wish my private notes held by companies

Kindest Regards




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2 minutes ago, roadrocket said:

How do you delete all the "Cloud" backup for "privacy reasons"?

Hmmn.  Some of the major benefits of Evernote are cloud based - automatic backup of all notes,  access from other devices,  OCR of pictures and documents,  document history... and don't forget to keep backups of your database,  because the only copy of your data is the one you have! 

Closing off the cloud process is going to restrict you somewhat;  but if you do want to do that,  you need to create one or more Local (unsynced) Notebooks and move your notes into them.  Move the notes across so your former notebooks are empty,  and - when a backup cycle or two is complete - all your web-based data will be gone.

You'll still need internet access from time to time to log into the app on startup,  but it will only be concerned with admin issues.

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17 minutes ago, roadrocket said:

How do you delete all the "Cloud" backup for "privacy reasons"?

You don’t delete the master version of your notes

This is not just a “cloud backup”.  Evernote is a cloud service and maintains the master version of data on the cloud servers

Data on your device is just a copy (exception for Local Notebooks)

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