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I run Evernote Premium. The scanning of business cards is a powerful feature and I use it a lot. However, I run into trouble if I then want to edit the note created by taking a photo of the business card. In the Windows client it appears to be completely locked - even duplicating then note does not give me permission to change it.

Apparently it is possible to edit the content in the Evernote App on iPhone/iPad with which it was taken.

What I am trying to achieve is changing the location and/or the content of the note. I want to use the Third Party app IdeaPlaces, which visualizes notes on a map, but have to twist the notes taken by scanning the business cards first. An I cannot change the location in the ios app, as far as I know.

Any hint how I can unlock the note in the Windows version (or WebVersion, for that sake)?


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Hi.  Likewise Evernote Premium and the most recent build.  How do the notes appear 'locked' to you?  I can alter / add details in the OCR'd area of the card - not by annotating the picture of the card,  but by editing the text area of the note.  I can also edit the created date / location data without problems.

ScreenClip [2].png

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