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pasted rich text - very problematic to get around




I am using evernote every day and I also paste things there from other applications and websites often not as plain text but with formatting. It is often so frikin hard to have a Note with my commentary, paste something like this there and then try to continue writing after it! Usually I can't get with the cursor behind and under it. If I press enter the formatting of the pasted section gets screwed up. Yesterday I had a journal entry with opening times of some shop in it. I could not continue typing after it. I had to write rest of the day before this pasted piece not to ***** it up.

The other time I am unable to clear the formatting and continue with normal text or can't figure out how to reset margin which became bigger. Some button "normal text" or "reset formatting" would really help in those cases.

Please check this.

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1 hour ago, McVitas said:

BTW somebody tell me what is wrong with word s c r e w together with "up" ? :o Why was it replaced with asterisks

Hmmm, take a wild guess at it...

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Well if you can't tell then I will make my guess: forum engine should check if the second word is "you" but it is imperfect thus it censors otherwise completely innocent phrase ;) But I am not a native speaker, I just used a dictionary...

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