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Evernote web force sync



Maybe this feature already exists, but I can't find it.

There should be a way to force a note to sync when editing in Evernote Web, so that I can close the browser tab without losing data.

I tried to force it to sync by switching to another note and then switching back, but when I went to close the browser tab it said I might lose data and asked if I wanted to stay on the page.  I did stay on the page, but nonetheless it had lost some of the text I had just entered.  There needs to be a way to reliably edit a note and force it to sync so the browser tab can be closed without losing data.

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Normally you can force sync as written by PinkElephant.

But it may happen that there is an extraordinary sync problem like I had these days (only with the new web client). There the only think to force Sync was to first logout and then login new.

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