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(Archived) Widget?


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It would be great if it would also integrate with the "Shortcuts" you can add; so one could add a shortcut directly to create a new note, to view notes.

Of course, the "omnibar" on the home screen would be excellent.

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I would like see a widget that allows to simply generate a list of notes for a given tag or given notebook. I use evernote to help track things to do and other important info. I like to create a series of widgets on home screen that links to these specific tags or notebooks so I can easily see what notes are in my todo bucket.

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Take a look at "color note" do that... but do it better.. because that's EXACTLY what I would want from an evernote widget! I'm BEGGING YOU! I love color note and all.. but dagnabbit.. i'd SERIOUSLY like to be using evernote for this stuff. it's sooooo much more versatile AND has cloud backup.

please.. i'll beta... i'll bake you cookies.. SOMETHING.

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Yes, we're testing the Android widget internally now. I think it'll be in the next release. I have it on my Droid home screen, and am pretty happy with it.


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It's awesome, thank you so much!!

I look forward to when the Android app is updated to include offline syncing and all the good things in the iPhone app, but this widget has really turned my phone into exactly the kind of capture device it should be. Many kudos, thanks a lot.

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