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  1. I would like an option to disable this automatic header or at least some control over how its created. I take a lot of screenshots with evernote and will then merge them together later into a single note. Its a real pain to have to remove half a dozen headers especially with large images in them. Having some option to control this or a checkbox when you've selected multiple notes.
  2. Please add an option to disable the note header when you merge multiple notes. I will often take a several screenshots as individual notes and then merge them together later. Merging 10 screenshots together and the having Screen clip in big bold letters repeated 10 times is not very helpful. I definitely see its benefits in some cases but not in all.
  3. Hate to wake the dead post here but I've enabled this recently and have experienced the same behavior on my G4. Its irritating to have to enter the pin 3 times as I'm moving between apps and screens in evernote.
  4. I just went through this earlier today. For some reason no notes would sync on my Galaxy S4 though they synced fine on my Nexus 7 and desktop. From the looks of things, it stopped working a couple days back. I reinstalled the app, resync'd and everything is working right now. Luckily I don't have many offline notes on my phone while my Nexus 7 has over a gigabyte worth of notes offline.
  5. Just encountered a strange bug when entering a new note. Created a new note, click in Title area (which I dislike being part of the note), entered text, hit enter, cursor disappears and I have to manually click into the note body to enter note content. If I end the note title with a space and hit enter, cursor jumps to note body no problem. Repros on laptop and desktop.
  6. As to the general theme in v5, I'm not a big fan, don't see it as an improvement but also don't see it as a big problem. Basically, its dull especially if you are in list mode which I use almost exclusively.
  7. Again, this confounds me. Having the bar right above the results OBSCURES them. As soon as I click into the search field if drops 3/4 of the way down my 1600x900 display. And doesn't get much shorter as I type and it matches possible search queries. I wouldn't see any of my results if it wasn't next to rather than on top of the note list. Remember that you don't just click a search and it goes away. As you type, both the contents of the drop down refine, as well as the resulting note list. Remember that the drop-down behavior is new to V5, and something that I'm not wholly convinced is useful all the time. I can see where it's useful sometimes, but other times I don't want/need it. Again, though, my main problem with the new location is that while I'm typing over *here*, the list that it modified is over *there*, and that's a disconnect in the UI, and a focus problem. I have to believe that there's a better solution. I didn't connect these 2 earlier but that's probably one reason they moved it. I can see the benefits of the recent searches showing up but it would present a problem if the search moved back to its v4 position. Short answer have an option to have the old search bar come back right over the notes without recent history. I know developers hate that sort of stuff but I find the v5 search location much less functional as a power user.
  8. Just noticed you can't change the notebook you are looking at or go from All Notes to a notebook or vice versa without your search options being wiped. For example, I used to be able to type tag:<value>, get a list of notes back, go from All Notes/Notebooks to a specific notebook while still looking for just that tag. In v5, changing the notebook selection now resets any search criteria.
  9. I don't care for the location of the search control either (whined bitterly several times in the beta threads), but F6 puts you over there, with no mouse movement required.Hard to visualize that. On my 24", "over there" is virtually the entire right side of the monitor, where-as before it was just a little box in the Center. I've may lost a couple inches to the left, but I've gained more on the right. And since that's where I'm typing, mousing and clicking formatting controls anyway, I'm only mousing straight up 1 inch to click in the search. My take on it was this: the search control directly modifies the note list, and for those of us who use snippet or card view, it's wholly disconnected from the UI element that it's most closely tied to. Still doesn't make sense to me. I search to find a small range of notes that I can pick from. This arrangement doesn't work for me. Regardless, F6 puts you into the search control, as it did formerly. F6 is a great tip, thx - BUT - it's just another example of adding keyboard strokes or mouse clicks on to V5 when it wasn't necessary in V4. It was a simple mouse "up". Less = more. It's a step backwards for me. My issue is less mouse movements but more seeing the notes returned as I type. Having the bar right above the results makes more sense than having the bar all the way to the right as I'm trying to narrow my results down. I have a lot of technical doc in Evernote including PDF manuals, forum posts, email threads, etc tag by product version, platform, source, customer, etc.
  10. Ditto on this issue. This was the first thing I noticed when I upgraded to v5. I frequently use the search bar and having right on top of the notes made it easy to see what I was getting as I was typing. I also have a 27" monitor and its just too far to the right. Also liked the Favorites bar where it was but not a big deal compared to the search bar.
  11. In what way? I am familar with Saved searches as I do have several that I use frequently but how do you see them helping here. I'm not always looking for the same thing but its typically some combination of a number of tags and intitle values.
  12. This is an issue for me and possibly some others but I'd like to see an option to abbreviate the various search qualifiers (tag, inititle, created, etc). I quite frequently will do searches using several of these qualifiers and in some cases I'll spend more time typing the actual qualifiers instead of my search values. I'd like their to be some sort of shortcut so instead of typing tag:hfhs intitle:inst* intitle:pmf created:20130101 (52 chars) I could type t:hfhs i:inst* i:pmf cr:20130101 (33 chars) I do this sort of stuff dozens of times a day so its more of an irritant than a life threatening issue but typing 2 or 3 intitle searches together is annoying especially when typing on a tablet or phone. I've seen folks suggest using some macro utilities like AHK but that seems a bit overkill and becomes very device specific. One of the advantages of EN is its cross platform support. On any given day, I'm using it on a several Windows machines, my android phone and an iPad. Kyle
  13. This is really irritating as I like to work on documents in EN. When I finally need to publish them to customers (email, word, pdf, etc), now I need to go back and reformat everything. Paying customer for 18mos.
  14. If you get the itinerary as an email attachment, simply forward the email to your evernote account and use the @ 0t specify the notebook where you want it.
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