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  1. I would like an option to disable this automatic header or at least some control over how its created. I take a lot of screenshots with evernote and will then merge them together later into a single note. Its a real pain to have to remove half a dozen headers especially with large images in them. Having some option to control this or a checkbox when you've selected multiple notes.
  2. Please add an option to disable the note header when you merge multiple notes. I will often take a several screenshots as individual notes and then merge them together later. Merging 10 screenshots together and the having Screen clip in big bold letters repeated 10 times is not very helpful. I definitely see its benefits in some cases but not in all.
  3. Hate to wake the dead post here but I've enabled this recently and have experienced the same behavior on my G4. Its irritating to have to enter the pin 3 times as I'm moving between apps and screens in evernote.
  4. This is really irritating as I like to work on documents in EN. When I finally need to publish them to customers (email, word, pdf, etc), now I need to go back and reformat everything. Paying customer for 18mos.
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