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Notebook Limitations -- is soooo rude!



First, I must question your company's ability and capacity to review posts such as this: you have always had an over-inflated view of the quality of your software so I remain suspicious that providing space such as this for users to offer input, criticism, ideas, etc. is largely an act to placate those users. However, when paying for a Premium service such as this, users are entitled and deserving of much more than such a patronizing agenda.


That aside, when will you people FINALLY rid the world of limiting your users to 250 notebooks? This is an out-dated and rude limitation whose time has long since passed as a necessary component to your software. Get with it and catch up with the ways of the world. Jettison this terrible limitation or render your company to more lost users, revenue, credibility, viability and respect.

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That's a rather mean-looking face, but I appreciate your response and am glad to know that my notes are not lost. I admit that I was frustrated with finding a category or topic to ask concerning my problem. Your categories allow for little flexibility in asking questions. Anyway, I subsequently upgraded to Plus and can now include all three of my devices. Thank you, Robert

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On June 25 (yesterday) I received a msg asking me to upgrade to Premium. At the time I had 3 devices and needed to remove 1 to retain my original basic subscription. I asked that you remove my laptop, planning to retain my desktop (DADMAGPC) and my cell phone (Android). Instead, you kept my laptop device and eliminated my desktop and phone which contained most of my notes! I responded by ordering your "Plus" package which supports more devices. I have spent 90 minutes trying to find somewhere I can get my notes back, being diverted to sites totally unrelated to my issue. Please reinstate my two devices and retrieve my notes. They are very serious notes--the work of several months--relating to my work. Please clear this mess up. Thank you. Robert


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17 hours ago, john@familynation said:

That aside, when will you people FINALLY rid the world of limiting your users to 250 notebooks?

It is an artificial limit and could be set at any number

Possibly it's a method of directing user's to a better method for organization: Tags, limit 100,00
also, to discourage users from the organization confusion of too many notebooks

I have minimal notebooks.  I use them for their feature of sync/local, offline, share
For organization, I use tags

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Hi.  If you are paying for a premium service then you should be able to reach out to Support directly on https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new for email or chat support if you require it.  This forum has around 275,000 members and Evernote developers do read posted suggestions and feature requests,  though they don't usually comment on them.  All input (within the forum guidelines) is welcomed.

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Hi.  Please check to see your notes by signing in to Evernote.com via a browser.  This help page - Devices FAQ will explain some of the background and contains a link to a control panel from which you can add and delete your own preferred devices.

I'm not sure how your accounts were removed or deactivated,  but no direct action by Evernote could have removed notes from any device.  I hope that you'll find the missing information online,  but if not you'll need to reach out to Support directly via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

This is mainly a user-driven Forum and we don't have any special access to account information.

Edit:  sorry - as you have upgraded to Plus,  you should be able to contact support directly if you prefer.

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On 2017-06-26 at 3:05 PM, Robert West said:

I asked that you remove my laptop, planning to retain my desktop

First off, starting a new topic is a better approach than tacking on to random discussions

Yes, basic accounts are limited to two simultaneous active devices5953bd179fa4c_ScreenShot2017-06-28at07_28_04.png.551ce3b527c4f15163962f5b69efe9df.png
You can control this using the device list in your account settings

Evernote is a cloud service; notes are sync'd and stored on the Evernote servers
Adding/Deleting devices does not impact the notes storage
- exception for notebooks defined as Local

Unless you stored your notes in Local Notebooks, they are available in your account for access by any device

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