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Stack Sharing

Mr Milligan


It would be amazing if a Stack could be shared so that all the notebooks in that stack are automatically shared as well rather than having to individually share each notebook. We use Evernote in School, most notebooks are published to the business and everyone can see what they need. However, many notebooks are only for certain users to see and have to be shared out. Stack Sharing would make our Evernote life much better.

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I agree it's a sensible idea.  Not sure if there are any technical restrictions - 'stacks' are just collections of notebooks after all;  but Evernote seems keen on the idea that the owner of a notebook should be able to choose how to arrange all the notebooks in their account,  whether directly owned or shared in.  There are work-arounds;  notebooks can be made public,  and their content grouped together in Table of Content pages for read-only access.  The ToC pages in this context serving to 'stack' two or more notebooks.  Only the ULR of that page needs sharing,  as long as it links to other notes via public URL addresses.  The obvious defect is one of security - anyone with access to the URL can see any of the pages.  Another option is to use tags rather than notebooks to group material.


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Stacks are just a visual thing, not like a folder in in a file system that is its own thing, and also controls everything in it. Stacks have no permissions or notes.

Not saying they cannot do it, but right now the implementation would be to "set security" on a stack and it would recursively set identical permissions on notebooks in the stack. Then you have the issue of what happens if you add a notebook to the stack, or move a notebook out of the stack, or change permissions on a notebook in a stack?

A file system has a way to handle all of those by default. A stack doesn't, so it would be a pretty big task to create the feature and then define how it works under various scenarios.

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