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Web Clipper crashes Vivaldi



Vivaldi is a browser based on the Chrome engine. It gets addins from the Chrome store and every addin that I have installed has worked perfectly with the exception of the Web Clipper. While these crashes may be due to a bug in Vivaldi, it is also highly probably that running the Clipper in Vivaldi has unmasked a latent bug in the Clipper code. It would be advisable for the developers to thoroughly examine their code and either validate it or discover a flaw and correct it.

Vivaldi-Clipper Crash.txt

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Sorry to hear you have been having problems with crashes.

I have to say that you might be better considering another browser.

Evernote does not do "respond" very much recently. 

It just keeps its counsel.

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It would appear so. Failing to respond to quality issues certainlys opens the door to potential competitors. There are a bunch of things that Evernot has done lately that have significantly reduced its usability and functionality, especially on the iPad. For example, I have yet to figure out how to view a single notebook on the ipad; it used to be easy and intuitive. The changes violate the "principle of least astonishment" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_least_astonishment

When a major organization violates basic principles it suggests that the management is either unaware of them or don't care. I'm ready to switch as soon as a reasonable alternative presents itself. 

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Given that the issue was reported 2 days ago and concerns a new browser that (according to Quora) is around a year old with barely a million users around the world,  any criticism of Evernote's 'failure' to respond seems a little premature. 

The issue,  if there is one,  is hardly likely to impact more than a handful of users and may well be out of Evernote's power to correct anyway.  The fact that other extensions,  that do not offer the same features as Evernote,  do work with Vivaldi does not seem a useful indicator of whose problem it is likely to be.

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