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No log in button on homepage



There is no log in button on the home page. And it does not navigate to my note page even if I'm logged in (ticked remember me for 30 days). In order to log in, I have to click on create an account, then scroll to the bottom to click on the small green log in text.

This is just very redundant and silly UI design.

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2 hours ago, somethingsomething said:

There is no log in button on the home page.

I think home pages are specific to your country.59386c02068af_ScreenShot2017-06-07at2_09_46PM.png.41ba870caa384e301f5f7d3986c01513.png
Here's what I see in my upper right corner

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Today must be the regular 30-day sign in again day.  When I opened Evernote Web a new page displayed, inviting me to open a new account.  But no button to sign in.  I finally had to pretend I was creating a new account before I was invited to sign in.  This annoyed me.

There is no sign of a sign-in button on the home page, even at 100%: 5939511d4ba32_Evernotscreenshot6-8-17.thumb.png.4b540538c9946ed3bcb93deab51f0d35.png

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What browsers are you guys using?  I can go down to a Firefox window less than half screen size and I still have the Sign In option at top rght...


Smaller than that and it disappears.

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22 hours ago, somethingsomething said:

Interesting... I see the sign in button when my window is big enough. However, when my window is too small it shows the menu button, and when I click on it there is no sign in button.

I hadn't noticed that before;I have the same thing with Safari on my Mac - Sign In disappears if the window is to narrow

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