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On 2017-05-28 at 1:07 PM, shadstarn said:

my lines can go forever and i cant read.. where is the word wrap effect? can someone help me?

If you identify your platform/device we can provide some specific help

My text wraps on my Mac/Ipad

It might also help if you post a screenshot

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I'd bet this is less of an issue of text wrapping the edge of a window and more of an issue of not being able to set a specific wrap point. Yes, text will wrap at the edge of a window... but say you are working on a 27" monitor and you take a note full screen for zero distraction writing. Evernote will take a line of text across the entire 27" monitor which is not ideal.

I've run in to this same issue with Evernote and it is why I've moved all writing to Ulysses.

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Based on some experiments, I have concluded that Evernote saves notes in different formats inside the database.  HTML type format doesn't word wrap but plain text does. 

One solution is to cut the text, paste into a plain text editor such as Notepad. Then start a NEW note, cut and paste from the text editor into the new note. 

The better option is to select the note, go to Format -> Remove Formatting (or Simplify Formating).  Both seem to work for me.

I "moved" my notes from iCloud by cutting the text from a browser and pasting into Evernote Windows desktop.  Thus it assumed this is web content and enabled rich formatting and horizontal scrolling instead of word wrap. 


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On 10/19/2018 at 4:29 PM, PinchOfSalt said:

Based on some experiments, I have concluded that Evernote saves notes in different formats inside the database.

Evernotes base format is ENML; an HTML fork

Attachments are stored in their native file format.

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