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  1. I'd bet this is less of an issue of text wrapping the edge of a window and more of an issue of not being able to set a specific wrap point. Yes, text will wrap at the edge of a window... but say you are working on a 27" monitor and you take a note full screen for zero distraction writing. Evernote will take a line of text across the entire 27" monitor which is not ideal. I've run in to this same issue with Evernote and it is why I've moved all writing to Ulysses.
  2. For anybody else that might hit this thread while searching, this is actually not true. Scanning directly to evernote CAN do OCR on the ScanSnap servers. The key here is that it is up to the end user to say they want it. You can create custom scan profiles in the ScanSnap Cloud applications (I set up on iOS). In the PDF profile you need to actually turn OCR on. It is off by default. Once this happens Scan Snap will OCR before sending to your destination. I actually send to Dropbox, but same could be done for Evernote.
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