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I am 100% sure it is. The question is, how much work is it to make that happen, how many people need/want it, and how high on the priorty list is it to make the necessary mods on:

  • Evernote servers
  • ios client
  • android client
  • windows client
  • mac client
  • web client
  • watchos client

Have you considered replacing some of your notebooks with tags and consolidating? For example, if you have 10 financial institutions you deal with, instead of having 10 folders for statements, have one folder for all statements, and tag each statement by the name of the financial institution.

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4 hours ago, Egor said:

what do u think, if it possible to support more as 250 notebooks? 

i'm looking forward to hearing from you,

We're just users here.

Personally I use tags, and have something like 5 notebooks

Evernote is more tag-centric, however I'm sure Evernote could easily change the notebook limit to another number
I know of no technical limitation; I think it's more an attempt to protect users from getting into trouble with organization

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