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Please return the "Atlas" functionality back to Evernote. And please add the ability to filter on the built-in search functionality. One of my primary uses of Evernote was to save location-based notes so that it was easy for me to map my travels and be reminded of where I went and what I did when I returned to a city.

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I work as a Geologist and collect plenty of field data with the ios app. I have been an Evernote user since 2012, and only discovered the Atlas/Maps view shortly before the removal of this feature.

For those working with spatial information being able to view your note locations on a map is incredibly useful. This feature has applicability to earth science disciplines, sales people, field contractors, tradespeople, travellers, restaurant reviewers, and really anyone who collects information outside of a single fixed location.

It is disappointing that such a useful feature was removed. If the feature was removed due to lack of a user base, then I suspect many people were unaware of how useful this feature was (like I was).

Returning this feature would certainly make me renew my premium subscription.

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I am also one of the very long list of users who need this for our professional activities (travel and tourism). We switched to EN because of this feature and it was removed within 2 years after...

At least if the development team could work on a bridge towards displaying the notes on google maps (my maps) it would get us out of trouble.

Would it be possible to get some feedback from Evernote regarding this issue? So far it's been a wall of silence.. 

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I've been used Evernote since 2012 and "Atlas" mode was one of the most useful things in there. That is terrible mistake that evernote team deleted this feature. Please take a note there are hundreds of users across the world were using Altlas mode as a primary reason to stay with Evernote

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Having some type of mapping of notes would be very useful. I like how it's done in the Day One journal as that feature is nice to find notes based on where, as well as when, I wrote them.

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They did not simply say „Few people used it“. If I remember correctly, it was the combination of „Few people used it“ with „It cost money for EN to include this service, taken from all users, given to a few“. So it probably was a decision taken not to continue a service that was (by user count) not a core feature.

My conclusion: Atlas had it’s chance, and it did not perform as value added. I would not bet on it to return - ever.

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