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  1. I will also cast my vote on having notebook custom sorting. I like to view notes in one notebook by date and in another notebook by updated date. There should be a number use cases that would justify having notebooks to have their own sorting preference. Thanks Race.
  2. Having some type of mapping of notes would be very useful. I like how it's done in the Day One journal as that feature is nice to find notes based on where, as well as when, I wrote them.
  3. "On Windows, you can use tags just like you can in Evernote and can add custom tags." This is incorrect. OneNote tags are not like Evernote. Here are the differences I have found: Evernote tags an entire document / OneNote tags are within in the text of a document. Evernote tags are visible at the top of the page / OneNote tags, which are in the text, do not display. You need to hover your cursor above them to see the tag Evernote does not use symbols for tags / OneNote has the ability to use symbols. I tried using 'none' as the symbol, but you cannot see the tag on the document. Evernote has an interface to easily manage tags / OneNote does not. I'm frustrated because I have been using Evernote ever since it came out. However I need to use OneNote for work and it is much harder to find information in a way that is similar to Evernote. Race.
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