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  1. On the Mac client, typing in the tags field produces an autocomplete list. In contrast, on the iOS client, the same typing produces a search result list. Would be great if the Mac client behaved like the iOS client. For example, if I have a tag "work.consulting.client.companyabc", I can access this tag in the iOS app by typing "client". On the Mac client, it does not display.
  2. Would be great if Saved Search were elevated to a Sidebar item. The current implementation on the Mac is inconvenient and, in many ways, broken. The Mac application limits the number of viewable list items and provides no way to scroll. In comparison, the iOS app's list is fully scrollable. As part of adding to the sidebar, would be be great to include: 1. nesting saved searches 2. add ability to star/favorite searches to display at the top of the list 3. provide Evernote- and/or community-produced searches to highlight/increase the value in the feature.
  3. +1 Why not make Saved Searches a Sidebar item, alongside Tags et al? I expect that finding one's notes is a significant value to users. Evernote could include some defaults that provides some education on how Saved Searches is useful. For the current implementation, is the Evernote codebase so bad that a scrollbar can't be added to each client app in the search popdown menu?
  4. Please return the "Atlas" functionality back to Evernote. And please add the ability to filter on the built-in search functionality. One of my primary uses of Evernote was to save location-based notes so that it was easy for me to map my travels and be reminded of where I went and what I did when I returned to a city.
  5. Sad that such a simple feature has not been addressed. +1 to get this implemented.
  6. This thread was originally posted in 2012. Seems to be a theme with Evernote that basic functionality is just left behind. Given the dirth of improvements to Evernote over the years, I often wonder whether it reflects Evernote's development incompetence or the company's struggle to stay alive.
  7. I have the same question about specifying timestamps ... would be nice to be able to use "!201410031420" ... no need for unnecessary delimiters.
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