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Tables, Tables, Tables!!!

Brian Crockett


Just wanted to add my voice to the list of users wanting better tables. I wouldn't want to see Evernote become feature bloated like MS Word. It's simplicity is a plus. So I pretty much don't have a problem with most things in Evernote except for tables, I use tables for everything.

Tables have come a long way in the years I've been using Evernote. However they are still very primitive compared to everything else and they're very buggy (Copy Paste gives unpredictable results, etc.). 

I'd like you to dedicate more resources to updating tables.  I'd like to see each new version add a feature regarding tables.

The only reason I can continue using Evernote is because I can go into the content.enml file and edit the code for the tables directly.  If it wasn't for this I'd have to find another product.

We should be able to merge cells, set properties to cells in bulk by selecting groups of them, change border styles, cell backgrounds, set rows as header and footer, etc. You get the idea, things that most other software can do.

Thanks for listening to my Rant.

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Brian Crockett's comments & request are spot on!  The only thing I would add is that few things make my skin crawl like not being able to see my header row or home column when scrolling tables.  If tables are going to be used seriously in Evernote, they have to be functional beyond the static (initially viewable) screen!!  If this isn't in the works, I'm heading back to OneNote.

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Argh! Yesterdays update to 6.11 broke at least one of my edited tables. Around 30 rows of data is no longer in table format. Each cell is a separate paragraph now. I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to put it back in table format.

To add insult to injury, when I edit the content.enml file all the white space characters are gone. The whole file is just one long line, impossible to make sense out of. I had to create a Textmate macro to search and replace the table tags to add returns so I can properly see the code. Then when I make a change in Evernote it strips them out again. It never used to do that, Evernote would just ignore them before.

The reason I have to edit the content.enml file is, Evernote only let's you create a table of 6 rows. Any more than that you have to add one at a time through the clunky double menu. Try doing that 30 or 40 times. There's no keyboard short cut or anything. So I edit the content.enml file by selecting all the tags for a table row and copy and pasting them multiple times. I can do 40 rows in a few second this way.

This new version lost me a lot of time and seems like it will continue to do so in the future.

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7 minutes ago, KrisGal said:

a better way to create tables is needed.  The nerdy implementation with [][][] to create a table is....... I don’t know what it is, but user friendly and 2018 it is not

I suspect you're referring to the recent IOS release

I agree with you, although the [][][] probably makes the Markdown people ? 

We need full table functionality, including adjusting column width

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It would really be nice if we could set specific cell dimensions right when creating the initial table so there is no guessing and fluid width cells option would be a great addition so that the table can expand and contract based on the screen width. 

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I also need more functionality to tables and one feature about I've wrote my request I'd like to add too!
Code Block formatting and Highlight in Tables (excel sheets).

I think that this feature will be good for each who learning coding.
I like to add note for each course which I learn and add notes with important information for me, but I still can't highlight needed moments for me, except change formatting to bold text or italic. Also I add a lot of "code blocks", but they look not so good, like if they were been with "code block" formatting.


Vote please who need this feature too.

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