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  1. I support this idea. I have tried to learn the search grammar but I am other systems too and forget the details. Would love to have a search page. Today I needed to find notes I created back in August. I had to google how to create the search string - and typing this on an iPhone is error prone. created:20180806 -created:20180815 A search function/form with options would be really useful. Thanks.
  2. Love the new Templates feature... really great for Business use and fast note creation in general... But I would like the my Templates gallery to show templates specifically for my Personal and business accounts. I don't need to see my business templates in my personal account and vice versa. It will provide a better overview and reduce clutter. Also I often share my screen in a meeting setting, and to show my personal templates to all meeting participants is just not very "pro". Thanks Kristoffer
  3. This seems to work for me on Windows 10... although notes that was created before I fixed this does not update. I can add new rules in these notes, and it works fine.
  4. Going to 150% on the laptop screen fixed for me as well - even when attaching extra monitors, where the setting was not changed.
  5. a better way to create tables is needed. The nerdy implementation with [][][] to create a table is....... I don’t know what it is, but user friendly and 2018 it is not :-)
  6. In the business notebook list om the iPad, there is now a “other business notebooks” where I beleive you can find the published notebooks and add them to your list.
  7. yes! both split view and the ability to copy attachments between notes wil be most welcomed on the iPad.
  8. since the latest update, the lag has gone for me too. EN works fine again on my iPad Pro.
  9. Also really would like this feature... I collect a lot of stuff using clippimg and mail forward that I later process on my ipad. Currently I have to wait to I get to my desktop. Thanks for a great product.
  10. After upgrading to 8.2.3xxxx I still see lag. Description: Today I was typing in a note and suddenly evernote stops responding while it sync's and I can resume typing after 4-6 seconds when the sync is done. I am on a 60/60 Mbit fiber line and iPad Pro, so performance should not be a problem.
  11. Agree, I like this auto-close too, but I suggest these quick formatting tools should be visible permanently above the keyboard. Especillay on iPad with more space just empty today.
  12. I think this is iOS behavior.. I see the same issue in several other aps such as my Online Banking app... but sure... it shouldn't be like that.
  13. I really think it os great software, but Evernote for iOs 10.3 have some speed issues at the moment. We just need to give some good feedback for them to fix it I depend om EN on all the work / life I do... I love the way it enables me everyday. I have tried alternatives that look more fancy and simpler (OneNote and Notes for iOS) but Evernote is superior in it's abillity to file stuff, find it and work with stuff in a fast and effecient way. It can be much improved and is "behind" on several fronts, but the core functionalities are superior. What I tried... I have re-installed evernote on my iPad, but the issues remain. I think it is related to networking / sync that seems to delay the app and make it temporarily unresponsive.
  14. On my iPad Pro 12.9 (256 GB) I also experience more lag. Logging into EN often takes longer and getting to take a note takes slightly longer. Sometimes even a lag. I am more reluctant to use my iPad for notes in meetings and other situations where I need to make a quick note because I risk "falling behind" and find myself turning to paper again. I really hope EN will trim the come to make EN more snappe again. Biut in general EN seems to be on the right path with the new initiatives.
  15. I agree very much to this feedback.I know there are shortcuts to type new bullet and numbered list, but I forget them.. And there is so much room above the on-screen keyboard....
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