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  1. They’ve moved most of the functionality to Evernote App. I’ve been using that.
  2. I downloaded Notability. How do you save to Evernote in Native format? When I tried it just did PDF.
  3. On my iPad Pro I make handwritten notes using the Pen/Handwriting Mode. (See Image) The problem is that Evernote only saves what you have written when you leave pen mode manually. If you sleep your iPad, close the cover or switch to a different app before leaving pen mode everything you wrote is lost. In meeting I'm constantly leaving pen mode and going back in to make sure it saves but sometimes I forget and then I lose everything I've done since the last time I entered pen mode. Could you put a priority on fixing this as it's super frustrating as well as career limiting to spend an hour in a meeting making important notes and then loosing them all.
  4. Penultimate is full of annoying bugs, that Evernote hasn't fixed. Try selecting some text you wrote and drag somewhere on the page. It leaves little pieces of what you selected behind and now there are gaps in what you have move and little spots in the clear space left from the drag.
  5. When I select something in Penultimate and try to drag it, it leaves behind random pixels or line segments. Text that I moved by dragging now has little gaps in the lines and is hard to read and I can't move other text into the space left by the previous drag as there are little spots all over that space which makes that text hard to read as well. It kind of defeats the purpose of taking electronic notes if you can't drag the text around to reorganize it. I might as well be using pen and paper.
  6. Thanks, No more editing the .enml file. They actually work quite well now. Kudos
  7. When using the "Knife" tool in Penultimate it doesn't move everything that's selected. It leaves behind little bits and pieces of what you've moved. So now there are little white spots in what was moved and little dots where it was moved from making the display unreadable. Basically the move feature is unusable because it makes such a mess. Could you please fix this? iPad Pro most recent iOS and Penultimate.
  8. My mistake. I am a paying customer so next time I'll post to the support link you provided.
  9. I never did get a response from Evernote. However the syncing started up again on it's own. I think all I did was make sure Penultimate was shutdown and relaunched it. Double press the command button on the iPad then swipe up on Penultimate to close it.
  10. Argh! Yesterdays update to 6.11 broke at least one of my edited tables. Around 30 rows of data is no longer in table format. Each cell is a separate paragraph now. I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to put it back in table format. To add insult to injury, when I edit the content.enml file all the white space characters are gone. The whole file is just one long line, impossible to make sense out of. I had to create a Textmate macro to search and replace the table tags to add returns so I can properly see the code. Then when I make a change in Evernote it strips them out again. It never used to do that, Evernote would just ignore them before. The reason I have to edit the content.enml file is, Evernote only let's you create a table of 6 rows. Any more than that you have to add one at a time through the clunky double menu. Try doing that 30 or 40 times. There's no keyboard short cut or anything. So I edit the content.enml file by selecting all the tags for a table row and copy and pasting them multiple times. I can do 40 rows in a few second this way. This new version lost me a lot of time and seems like it will continue to do so in the future.
  11. I've been using Penultimate for a while and found it annoying that I had to go back out to the notebook level in order to get my Penultimate note to sync. Now it no longer does even that. The little green triangle just stays in the upper right corner of the note icon and the note does not update in Evernote. The green triangle used to go away after a minute and I'd see the updated note in Evernote. I can get it to sync manually by going out to the list of notebooks and clicking the gear icon ⚙. This brings out the basic settings where there is a sync icon ⟳ next to the last sync time. Clicking on this icon ⟳ forces it to sync. How can I get it to sync automatically again? I'm concerned that I'll forget to manually sync it and my notes won't be up to date. "Sync on WiFi only" is turned off. "Pause Syncing" is turned off.
  12. Just wanted to add my voice to the list of users wanting better tables. I wouldn't want to see Evernote become feature bloated like MS Word. It's simplicity is a plus. So I pretty much don't have a problem with most things in Evernote except for tables, I use tables for everything. Tables have come a long way in the years I've been using Evernote. However they are still very primitive compared to everything else and they're very buggy (Copy Paste gives unpredictable results, etc.). I'd like you to dedicate more resources to updating tables. I'd like to see each new version add a feature regarding tables. The only reason I can continue using Evernote is because I can go into the content.enml file and edit the code for the tables directly. If it wasn't for this I'd have to find another product. We should be able to merge cells, set properties to cells in bulk by selecting groups of them, change border styles, cell backgrounds, set rows as header and footer, etc. You get the idea, things that most other software can do. Thanks for listening to my Rant.
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