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Notes disappearing

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So this seems to be an ongoing problem with Evernote that started around December or even before around 6 months ago. It doesn't happen every day, but it's happening enough that it's getting VERY frustrating & stressful for me.

Now when I go into a notebook & look for my notes, either the entire notebook is empty, or when I scroll down, about 75% of the notes disappear as I'm scrolling down.

I've refreshed numerous times, signed in & out & it's been ongoing for min. 3-4 hours now.

I can't do work & who knows when it's going to end.

If there's maintenance going on, I think there should be a HUGE notice on the site when I log in. About a week or so ago I couldn't even log in, Evernote told me my login was wrong & it scared me to death. After 2 hours it self corrected, so I assume it was maintenance, so why not just TELL US???

And NO, I don't want to use my desktop version (if the web version is this bad then why even have it?) & there's nothing wrong with my computer or browser. 

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Hi Gazumped,

So the status page is for what exactly? This one issue or just to check how Evernote is doing on a day by day basis?

Well maybe this issue is part of what I've been experiencing for months now where I go into a notebook & there's nothing there. I have to constantly refresh to try & see anything.

'm often the only one who experiences issues with companies, sites, etc. Then it takes days, weeks or months for others to notice it <sigh>.

I hope they fix it soon.




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I must note that I have difficulty using the Evernote Web. Both yesterday and today (12-13 February 2017), when I go to the site, logs in to the notepad, it displays a blank page. So the state takes several dozen minutes to return to normal functioning. I have no difficulty with access to the version of Windows or Android.

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10 minutes ago, RapidFinancialSolutions said:

So the status page is for what exactly? This one issue or just to check how Evernote is doing on a day by day basis?

If you're having an issue with Evernote,  check with the status page to make sure it's not them...  and bear in mind that if your system has updated something recently,  an OS or a browser change,  or an Evernote update may have caused an issue that they don't know about yet.  Then you search the forums for similar problems,  and if you see none,  add an 'is it just me or...???' post to the appropriate forum to see what's going on.

There's been nothing affecting note visibility for "months" though - the current issue is a matter of a week or so old.  If you are still having problems I'd suggest you contact support directly if you're a paying subscriber at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (premium subscribers can chat from the same link) - or message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

It will take a while to get a human response - there are a few high-profile things going on at present - but at the worst they can only confirm that you are part of the current issue and a fix is in the works;  at best they may be able to help you find a fix for your specific system.

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22 hours ago, gazumped said:

Yep - Evernote Web - known issue;  thought to have been cured (by me,  anyway) a day or so ago - check to see if you still have issues.  System restart may be required.  If it's still a problem - talk to Support.  :)

Today, it works without a problem. While searching forum I found information that the problem affects Chrome, Chromium, while Firefox is operating normally.

Some people claimed that it was not true. For me worked.

Sometimes I forget that I can use a different browser. When something does not work I pass the work on another device. That is the power of cross-platform.

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