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Performance issues with Evernote Version 8 for IOS


When the 12.9" iPad Pro and Evernote combination became available, my needs for an electronic day journal were finally answered. For around 12 months, I have had a close to perfect solution in this regard.  That is, until Version 8 arrived.  My near-perfect experience is now sullied by constant slow running and pauses, for 1-5 seconds, before I can proceed.  My note-taking train of thought is interrupted by these performance problems with Version 8.

Are others experiencing this problem?  Can Evernote please fix it very quickly?

Many thanks,

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Moved to the IOS forum

The problem has been reported, and Evernote is releasing hot fix patches; we're at 8.0.4 now

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Same problem here, I am using iPhone 6 with 8.0.4 (iOS 10.2.1), I have a great and fast user experience until version 8

Especially when I try to take photo within my note, it takes almost 10 seconds to take one photo and then another 10 seconds for another. you can't press any button to pause/ abort it, simply wait.....

I know my phone is almost 2 year old and not that responsive when opening the app, i can accept 3-5 seconds waiting time to start go into the app for working. I am not really satisfied with this experience. 

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